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Thread: Anthrogenica: Sustainability & Your Support

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    Anthrogenica: Sustainability & Your Support

    Dear members,

    The outstanding points raised in our upgrade summary will be discussed here.

    Anthrogenica was launched in August 2012 as a cooperative between several individuals from the broader genetics and anthropology communities (including DNA-Forums). In the ensuing period, we have financially supported the forum fully to support our vision for the forum.

    In addition to being community-driven with respect to content, we expressed a desire to eventually shift the forum towards complete financial and administrative self-reliance.

    Therefore, the model established in this thread specifically represent our commitment to our founding ideals.

    Sustainability Model
    The following has been discussed and modified considerably over the past several months. Additionally, it has been approved by all our active Moderators and Administrators:

    Summarised, all financial contributions made to Anthrogenica will be returned to the site, with priority placed on forum costs for the next two calendar years. Thereafter, the founding administrators will receive a reimbursement of their sum contributions to this forum's upkeep sans interest from the 2012-16 period only. Any and all surplus revenue beyond this point will be returned to the community through either necessary upgrades or community-volunteered & voted genetics or anthropology ventures, such as kits, projects or schemes.

    How You Can Support Anthrogenica
    We present two means of assisting us in assuring this forum's presence online for the next several years. Our intention is to provide our community with an incentivized and autonomous means of supporting the site.

    1) Subscription Classes
    Bronze, Silver and Gold are available to our members with a fixed annual (non-renewing) fee. The features of each class in contradistinction with regular users are shown below:

    To purchase a single year's subscription, please go to User Control Panel > My Settings > My Account > Paid Subscriptions and select the subscription class of your choice (visual guide included below). Please note subscriptions can only be paid through PayPal.

    If there are ever any issues with the subscription procedure, please contact an Administrator directly.

    Finally, please note that Registered Users (the current user group the majority of our members belong to) will have absolutely no difference in basic forum functionality as before the upgrades have taken place.

    2) One-Off Donations
    For members who aren't interested in any of the subscription class perks, or already belong to a class and wish to support the forum further, they are able to do so through donations via PayPal.

    Donations are stand-alone and are a separate means of contributing to the forum's upkeep. Therefore, donations will not lead to changes in member class. If you've made a donation accidentally instead of going through the Paid Subscriptions process described above, please contact an Administrator.

    To undertake this at any time, members can click "Donate" in their navigation bar at any page on Anthrogenica.

    Administration Transparency & Accountability
    The repercussions that coincide with the introduction of a financial element to our members at Anthrogenica are self-evident. Following the disastrous and unnecessary turn of events that befell DNA-Forums, we provide the following three assurances to financially contributing members:

    1. Annual subscriptions will never auto-renew. Our members will, therefore, never experience a repeat of what happened following DNA-Forums' demise at Anthrogenica. The $5-10 paid every year will be valid for that calendar year, granting our members full control over their financial contributions.
    2. We'll let you know when subscriptions run out. This will be through both an automatic PM through our 'Moderator' account and an email to your registered address. Both will be sent to you up to three days prior to your subscription's expiration.
    3. Income-expenditure reports will be available every quarter of the calendar year. A summarized anonymized version of this will be made available to any subscription class member that requests it.
    4. All Administrators will have oversight. One Administrator is designated to compile our quarterly reports, which will be provided for the attention of all available Administrators.

    Member Terms
    In turn, members who decide to contribute to the financial upkeep of Anthrogenica are assumed to agree to the following conditions:

    • All financial contributions are non-refundable. Although we have kept our subscription fees exceptionally low, please think carefully before proceeding with your subscription payment or donations. Similarly, in the event a contributing user is banned, we will not accept any refund requests.
    • Financial contributions to Anthrogenica will not result in changes to our application of our infractions policy or otherwise affect our administrative actions as mandated by our Terms of Service (ToS).

    This Sustainability Model is designed to make Anthrogenica a fully community-funded and independent platform that operates on a non-profit basis.

    Please see our Troubleshooting thread or consider PMing a member of staff.

    Thank you all for your time.
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    Dear members,

    We are in the process of finalizing the Q3 2016 income-expenditure report. Subscription class members and moderators may request a summarized and anonymized version in advance.

    In addition, we are happy to announce that the first three months of receiving subscription charges and donations have already secured this forum's online status until August 2018.

    As part of our sustainability model, we already have sufficient funds to begin considering supporting member-chosen genetics or anthropology ventures. A new section ('Community Supported Ventures', in Crowdfunding Initiatives) has been created to facilitate this (please see the readme).
    We welcome member pitches and upvoting for Q4 2016 here. Subscription and donating members are encouraged to participate, given the surplus simply couldn't have been made possible without them.

    We would like to sincerely thank each and every member who has decided to support Anthrogenica financially. The team will, in turn, continue to support and maintain this forum's founding principles of civility, community and rational discourse.

    Hope everyone's having a good weekend so far!
    Forum Reminders - Please remember to:
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    Registered Users
    Y-DNA (P)
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    mtDNA (M)

    Hello everyone,

    Just a quick message about the Subscription Classes and One-Off Donations.

    We've received a handful of substantial One-Off's from some members (thank you) who are in the Registered Users usergroup. It isn't usually clear whether they're intentionally foregoing a userclass upgrade, or if there's an expectation of an upgrade following that.

    As a gesture of appreciation, we've been manually upgrading members belonging to the Registered Users usergroup who provide us with substantial donations to the highest userclass upgrade possible for at least a year. Have done this for over a year (multiple members can vouch for this), but confirming it publicly.

    As a reminder, per above, One-Off Donations don't result in a Subscription Class upgrade. If you'd made a One-Off Donation previously and were expecting a Subscription Class upgrade, send me a PM and we'll gladly instate that for you as a "delayed" subscription.

    If there's any issues with subscriptions and/or donations to the site's upkeep, please PM someone in the team (preferably me, as I'm largely responsible for this) and we'll address it pronto for you.

    On behalf of the team, we thank each and every member who's supported the site financially. We wouldn't be online if it weren't for you.

    Thanks for your attention, and have a great Sunday.

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