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Thread: Post-Upgrade Troubleshooting

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    Post-Upgrade Troubleshooting

    Following this thread's posting just now, please use this one as a space to share any forum accessibility, subscription, donation etc. issues experienced.

    Alternatively, please PM one of the online administrators should that be necessary given the nature of your inquiry. Thanks!
    Forum Reminders - Please remember to:
    Report any problematic content • Adhere to Anthrogenica Hidden Content • Discuss respectfully • Be mindful of sharing user data (both yours and others) • English language only in main forum area • PM 'Moderator' for basic maintenance tasks or information about member suspensions or bans

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     DMXX (07-04-2016),  GTC (07-04-2016),  Humanist (07-04-2016),  Táltos (07-04-2016)

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