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Thread: FTDNA now offers a SNP test for I1-P

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    FTDNA now offers a SNP test for I1-P

    FTDNA now offers an individual SNP test for Y6349:

    14323055 T > G

    Y6349 appears on YFull’s haplotree as phylogenetically equivalent to Y6340 and more than a dozen other SNPs. Their clade, listed as I-Y6340, is what Ken Nordtvedt long ago named I1-P.

    Unfortunately, YFull gives this SNP only one star, its lowest rating. I don’t know why—YFull has not encountered any other instance of Y6349 (e.g., in another haplogroup), so recurrence is not the reason. Perhaps it is more difficult to detect reliably? FTDNA correctly detected a SNP at this location in 4 Big Y customers belonging to the clade.
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