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Thread: Y-STR Haplotypes of T1-R1 and Ancient Eurasian Dna Studies

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    Italian Alpine
    Australian and Italian
    Y-DNA (P)
    T1a2b- SK1480
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    Australia Italy Veneto Friuli Italy Trentino Alto Adige Italy Ladinia Austria Tirol
    Quote Originally Posted by parasar View Post
    I have only seen speculation by Eurogenes/Davidski, no actual report, but you could check with Hui Zhou [email protected]
    Ok, so you saying this is most likely an error?

    My Path = ( K-M9+, LT-P326+, T-M184+, L490+, M70+, PF5664+, L131+, L446+, CTS933+, CTS3767+, CTS8862+, Z19945+, BY143483+ )

    Grandfather via paternal grandmother = I1-CTS6397 yDna
    Great grandmother paternal side = T1a1e mtDna
    Son's mtDna = K1a4p

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    Quote Originally Posted by vettor View Post
    Ok, so you saying this is most likely an error?
    I don't know, as I have not seen the STRs.
    K-M9 xM214 xM45 could be some kind of an L, T, LT, M526xM45

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    Do other people have ideas about the other points i described?

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