One of the tested South Iraqi Mandaeans is H1a1-M197 (# 189683). I believe M197 is equivalent to M36? If so, the only data I could find on Wikipedia was the following:

Another study has found haplogroup H-M69 in approximately 8% (3/38) of a sample of Burusho (also known as Hunza), including 5% (2/38) H-M82(xM36, M97, M39/M138) and 3% (1/38) H-M36.
More on the Burusho:

The Burusho or Brusho people live in the Hunza and Yasin valleys of Gilgit Baltistan in northern Pakistan.[3] They are predominantly Muslims. Their language, Burushaski, has not been shown to be related to any other.[4]