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Thread: My private SNP project

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    My private SNP project

    Hi Forum!

    As promised in other threads, I here present my little private SNP-project for inspiration.

    I did a Y37 at FTDNA two years ago and had the extreme luck to get a 37/37 match right away - my only match above Y25. He turned out to be a Swedish genealogist with a male line going back to 1590 in Blekinge (southern Sweden), whereas my male line goes back to ~1655 in Herfolge, Denmark. Since my ancestor was a poor man who came out of the blue in 1678, I have not managed to push my line further back despite all my efforts, but Herfolge and Blekinge is just some 174 km/110 miles apart.

    We later both upgraded to Y111 (now matching at 107/111) and both found a new (second) match at 101/111 - not visible at Y37 nor at Y67. This second match lives in Sweden and has Danish paternal ancestry, but we can not link him to our lines through the paper trail either.

    We then both did BigY + Yfull. The BigY gave me 2 "private" SNPs that my first match did not have and he had 2 private SNPs (3 according to Yfull) that I did not have. We were both 26 shared SNPs from R-BY3604.

    Some months later, we split the bill for a BigY for the second match in thirds and he did a BigY. That gave 3 shared SNPs for me and my first match + 4 private SNPs for our second match (and now 23 SNPs to R-BY3604).

    So much for the tree under R-BY3604.

    But I now had 2 "private" SNPs and a pretty well documented familytree back to 1655. With offering single SNP tests for just 17,50 USD / 15 EUR, I thought it would be an interesting project to see if I could find out in whom of my ancestors these SNPs occurred - thus being able to "reverse-engeneer" their BigY.

    So step number one was to do "reverse genealogy" and trace all living male lines of all my male ancestors. It is not that difficult in Denmark, where a lot of material is accessible for free online. The sad thing was that my male line was the only line that survived from 1655 to 1790 - all other male branches died out in 1 or 3 generations. That proves just how fragile pure males lines are - and took a bit of the fun out of my project

    But a line that branched out from an ancestor born 1790 was found - a lucky illegitimate son born in 1880 turned out to save my Y-DNA in a completely different branch!
    And downstream from the man from 1790, there were two more branches to test (one is my uncle).

    Next step was to write a very polite letter/mail explaining my project and asking for a DNA-sample. You know the advantages of being part of a family of mostly graduate engineers, when all of them says yes to be DNA-tested by a complete stranger!

    Then I tested the 1790-branch for the two private SNPs at Yseq + one higher SNP (to check that the relationship is true, should he be negative for both private SNPs). I really hope that he will be negative for at least one! I can then test the newer branches for the missing SNP(s) and deduce in which ancestor they occured.

    I am now waiting for the results from Ytree - these are new SNP's and it takes Yseq a while to get primers for new SNPs (5 weeks so far), but I got positive results on the higher SNPs within just 4 days (primers were available at Yseq), so I know that we are family - no scandals coming up!

    I have tried to make an illustration of my project here - I guess it is easier to understand if you check out my drawing.


    Please feel free to write if you have comments, ideas or questions!

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