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Thread: My youtube video on my ancestry for 23andme

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    Many Thanks for your reply

    Please can you inform me specifically did Y-DNA haplogroup E-M81 appeared amoung any of Copts so far ?
    If yes , from which Egyptian city was he ?

    Thank you in advance !

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifeisdandy View Post
    Hello sorry for not seeing this.. all of my coptic results mostly have e1b1b1 as their ydna.. the next in line is j1/j2 and then T... I don't see any other haplogroups.. so copts in general are E1b1b1, j1, j2 and T.. as for mtdna.. it's a whole mix..
    Iam Egyptian By the way

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    Italian Slavic Jew
    E-V12* Sinai Egypt
    I5a Levantine

    Italy Italy Sicily Poland Ukraine Israel Star of David
    My Haplogroup E-V12* is common among Copts.
    Jtest - Evil twin phase
    AJ + Serbian + South_Italian_&_Sicilian + Ukrainian-Russian @ 5.893190

    Most likely fit is 68% (+- 11.8%) Europe (various subcontinents)
    and 32% (+- 11.8%) Mideast (various subcontinents)

    Hungary 0.7479 Jewish 0.2521
    Romania 0.9359 Jewish 0.0641
    Germany 0.6305 Sephardic 0.3695
    Hungary 0.7310 Sephardic 0.2690
    Poland 0.5583 Sephardic 0.4417

    Eurogenes K13
    Algerian_Jewish + Bulgarian + East_Sicilian + La_Brana-1 @ 5.135429

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tz85 View Post
    My Haplogroup E-V12* is common among Copts.
    I know !
    And It's interesting to see your results

    E-V12 is a wholly upper Egyptian by the way it never went under Nilothic migrations like the other branchs of the Egyptian Mark E-M78 like E-V22 or E-V65 .
    It only expanded to horn Africa around 6KA and it introduced a Caucasoid admixture there (E-V32 branch) according to (Hodson et al.2014)

    "E-V12 (×V32) is indigenous to the Nile basin of upper egypt .. and it thus represent a continues pre Neolithic male continuity there and a local male adaptation" (Smith ;2013)

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