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Thread: fun map of where Irish names are

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    Dún Laoire, Bláth Cliath, Éire

    Well one of my go to sources is Patrick Wolfe's book on Irish surnames from 1923, it's still in print. As it's now out of copyright you can search it online

    so mar shampla:
    de LÉIGHINN, de LÉIN—XI—de Lane, Lane; Norman 'de Lane,' Middle English 'atte Lane,' i.e., at the Lane, from residence thereby; a very rare surname in Ireland, nearly all our Lanes being of Irish origin.
    Ó LAIGHIN—I—O Loyne, O Layne, O Leyne, O Lyne, O Lyen, O Lane, O Leane, O Lien, O Lyan, O'Leyne, O'Lane, O'Lyons, Layne, Leyne, Lyne, Lane, Leane, Lean, Leen, Lyons, &c.; 'descendant of Laighean' (lance, spear); the name (1) of an ancient family in Co. Galway, who retained considerable property in the barony of Kilconnell down to the end of the 17th century; (2) of a Kildare family, formerly seated at Cill, now anglicised Kill, near Naas; and (3) of an old Kerry family. The name is now very common all over Ireland. It appears to have been sometimes pronounced Ó Laoighin. In Kerry at the present day it is generally pronounced Ó Leighin, and sometimes Ó Lighin.
    Ó LEATHÁIN—I—O Lahan, O Laane, Laine, Lane; probably a corruption of Ó Liatháin, which see; in use in the neighbourhood of Shrule, but very rare.
    etc. One caveat I would mention is that you will always have to expand Mc to Mac when doing a search. John Grenham's blog is useful resource as well, particulary his mapping tools as post upthread
    (MtDNA: U4d3)

    How to pronounce my username (modern Irish):
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubhthach View Post
    I wouldn't call that map a scientific list of surnames. In comparison here is the Griffith Survey data for the surname 'Lane' note the high number of households in Cork

    There was over 300 households in Cork (county and city) bearing the name in mid 19th century
    Hello Dubhtach,

    Thank you for posting that interesting link. It has allowed me to possibly confirm something I've assumed but didn't know for sure. My 2cd MDKA, James McBryde was originally from Galloway and according to what's been passed down through the years, his family was part of the MacBryde branch of the MacDonald Clan of the Isles

    My earliest known document for him is a marriage certificate from 1758 that records his marriage to Mary Tate in Glasserton, Wigtownshire, Scotland. Four years later they migrated to Northern Ireland and then in 1772 they came to America, where they received a land grant for 300 acres in South Carolina.

    All of my exact & one step surname matches, whose MDKAs post date mine, list their MDKAs as being from Antrim, Ireland. I have always assumed that they were probably originally from Scotland but were unable to trace their ancestors back that far. So I found the following underlined portion to be of interest, as it was unknown to me.

    "The principal Irish family of the name (McBride) were based in the north of Co. Donegal in Raymunterdoney, where they were very prominent in the church, a number of the family becoming bishops. A branch migrated to Co. Down in early times, where the surname remains quite numerous. "In Ulster also, the name may have a Scottish origin, from the descendants of one Gillebride, progenitor of one branch of the Clan Donald".

    So perhaps, another piece of the puzzle.

    Thanks, again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubhthach View Post
    I wouldn't call that map a scientific list of surnames.
    It's only a tea towel.
    Hopefully Irish linen.

    Thank you for your mentions of some good sources.

    These sort of media - tea towels and household bric-a-brac, clan memorabilia and the like - may not be authoritative, but in the absence of other, better sources, they still have the ability to tug the heart-strings. As such they can be useful tools for family history society displays, whether within the society or as part of outreach.
    As a youngster, many years ago I saw something similar for Scotland while waiting for my father to finish the shopping.
    It incited interest in finding out. While at the same time showing me some of the flaws in such a map.

    We certainly need authoritative sources of information.
    We also need to inspire people to join groups who share our interest.

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    My last name is Hill. Not sure if it's even on there.
    I swear I'm not a guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryLeeloo94 View Post
    My last name is Hill. Not sure if it's even on there.
    A Web page about the surname Hill in Ireland:
    Y-DNA: I-Z140 (Y7198^?) (Scotland)
    mtDNA: pending (Westeremden, Netherlands)
    Other lines:
    R-M222 (Ireland), R-L21 (Ireland & Scotland), I-M223 (Ireland), R-S1141 (Scotland), R-U198 (Netherlands), mtHg J1c3 (Ireland)
    Autosomal FF: 100% European (57% West/Central, 36% British Isles, 7% Scandinavian)
    Known ancestry
    Paternal: Britain & Ireland, France and Germany
    Maternal: Netherlands

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