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Thread: R L21 Project News

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    Quote Originally Posted by George Chandler View Post
    I'm not as familiar with BY22760 but if this is supposed to be a new defining brother haplogroup to L21 (and it's that rare) I would test it again as well. I've just seen too many glitches and errors (not pointing fingers) to not retest the person several times just to be sure of what is or what isn't supposed to be there.

    Or assume that two people with the same surname who tested positive for several SNPs on the old L21 level but negative for two and every single branch below it might actually represent a new branch of P312 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenHind View Post
    If that were the case here, I think Alex would have spotted it when he looked at their raw data file.
    You're probably right, but FTDNA was looking at raw data when they gave Jones his L21- status. If that's where the error is, then the raw data file isn't much help.

    I remember some years back when the Beattys were told they were U106+ but really weren't and another individual whose name escapes me now (Hurst, was it?) was told he was U106- but was actually U106+. It took a couple of years before those cases were sorted out. Oh, I also recall it was quite some time before Vince Tilroe went from an initial U106- finding to his eventual U106+. I'm not sure if I am remembering correctly, but I think they may have also given him a P312+ result for awhile.

    So, this guy might indeed represent a Z290xL21 branch. I'm not saying he doesn't, but it's something to watch.
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    I checked the Big Y result for the person in question and it shows he has a C rather than a G at L21, with high confidence. I am the last person to deny the possibility of a lab error by FTDNA, but in this case his same surname match apparently got the same result and the raw data of both have been reviewed by Alex. It seems to me that at the very least a reporting error by FTDNA has to be discounted. I will check with Alex and see what he has to say.

    EDIT: I also point out that these two appear to be negative for all the very numerous SNPs currently known to be beneath L21. I might also mention that I am not L21 myself, so this isn't terribly important to me. i just thought it would be interesting to those who follow the L21 subclade.
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