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Thread: Bell Beakers, Gimbutas and R1b

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    Agreed - although it takes very little for the "strict father-son inheritance" to break down. Otherwise how would R1b Yamna pass down its culture to R1a Corded Ware?
    I was speaking in terms of the Y chomosome. A son can only get the MSY (male specific) parts of the Y, about 95% of it, only from his father. This is why it can be a good diagnostic marker for populations. I do not intend to indicate there is a strict and exclusive one or one correspondence of any culture to any one specific Y haplogroup.

    Quote Originally Posted by epp View Post
    Personally, I'm only really interested in cultures to the degree that they help identify populations; and P312 Bell Beaker actually seems to tell us fairly little about the populations from which its ancestors came, as its y-DNA seems to have been restricted to only one recent strand of its longstanding L51 ancestors. Moreover, for all we know, P312 BB could easily have arisen from just one P312 man who usurped the culture from someone else and then passed it on to his inheritors.
    P312 came from an L151* man and L151 came from an L51* man, who came from an L23*, etc. It's a nice diagnostic trail to follow backwards through source populations. If we could identify this trail we could unlock a lot of information about the Bell Beakers, or at least the East/Wristguard/Kurgan Bell Beaker folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan View Post
    TRB pops would be hard for any group to avoid when passing through Central
    Europe between Ukraine and the Rhine c 3000BC

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