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Thread: DNA of the Chieftains of Ireland, Scottish Clan Chieftains and Kings of South Wales

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneillabu View Post
    . . .

    I really have no interest in arguing with you or anyone else on this forum, it is a complete waste of time, I argued with you for many posts on the Egyptian Coptic Church connection to Ireland (in which I was right) . . .
    Proclaiming yourself right does not make it so. There is no evidence Monophysites ever founded a church in Ireland, and since the Copts were and are Monophysites who rejected the Council of Chalcedon and the famous Tome of St. Leo, if they were in Ireland we'd know about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by oneillabu View Post
    I will continue to post here because I created this thread however I do not wish to interact with your or any of the usual suspect so kindly keep your smart alec comments to yourself unless you intend to contribute something meaningful.
    I will post whatever I wish wherever I wish. However, like I said, the arguments here make this topic look like a joke. It certainly looks that way to me, so you can rest at ease. I probably won't be participating in it.
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    Y-DNA: R1b-FGC36974 (L21>DF13>Z39589>DF41>BY166>FGC36974)

    Additional Data:
    Lactase Persistent:
    rs4988235 AA (13910 TT)
    rs182549 TT (22018 AA)

    Red Hair Carrier:
    Arg160Trp+ (rs1805008 T) aka R160W

    Dad's mtDNA: K1a

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