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Thread: DNA of the Chieftains of Ireland, Scottish Clan Chieftains and Kings of South Wales

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    Hi All,

    My Collins ancestors came from right outside of Athlone on the Connacht side. They had been farming there since at least the mid 1700's. I'm trying to determine what "kind" of Collins's they were. Did they come up Shannon from Limerick or Cork or were they "indigenous" Collins's of Clan Cernaich of Ui Maine.

    I want to order a Y-DNA test to figure this out, but I can't afford the Big-Y test. But if it sounds like I'd need to get the Y-111 test and an additional SNP test to see if my terminal Haplogroup is S5488. Is there a cheaper, more targeted test I could take?
    SNPs like S5488 are quite old so testing for SNPs one at a time becomes a step at a time, lengthy process to get where you want to go. This is why I recommend 111 STRs. If you have good matches at 111 STRs and they have done extensive, like Big Y, you can learn from them and skip right a couple of very youthful SNPs to test for. Fortunately, many R1b-S5488 people have done Big Y so odds are good.

    If 111 STRs is not in the cards, another option is FTDNA's $119 R1b-S5488 SNP Pack. It has somewhere around 140-150 SNPs downstream of S5488 (including S5488) so it is very cost-effective. These are a collection of SNPs from Big Y and other testing discoveries.

    You might look for sales promotions too. We know there will be a Holiday Season promotion at the least.

    Still, Big Y is SNP discovery testing. It is expensive but if you think you might every want to discover your own line of SNPs, biting the bullet is worth it. Of course, it fits you into the existing tree as it discovers your novel SNPs.

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    My husband is L21 and his surname is Connors

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    My father is DF25. We are Moore.
    I am testing more SNPs to learn more. Red hair and green eyes are all through our family.

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