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Thread: Big Y changes

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    Let's go back to the data warehouse idea and assume it is what they really did. If 1-3x coverage is not in the warehouse and the variant is not named, you will not be able to view it from the Big Y Browser, period. I've sent a formal request to FTDNA to enable an option to enter a specific location number on the Big Y results tabs to jump specifically to location even if it is not called as derived by FTDNA and it is not on the Named Variants list. Right now, the only way I can see to engage the Big Y Browser is to click on a derived variant/location or a named variant (which ancestral show up). Maybe I'm missing something..
    The response I received back from FTDNA is they plan to do this in a "future update to the Big Y Browser but it is not currently available". I never hold my breadth on their plans but that is good that they think they can do this as this would help on novel variant phylogenetic analysis. I guess you can always ask Michael Sager to look at it directly in the BAM file today or do a YFull interpretation. I was just trying to figure out how far we could go without BAM file link sharing rig-a-ma-roll.

    I may be all wet in my data warehouse suspicions but somehow the on-line Big Y Browser responds pretty nicely working over the internet. I guess someone should do a comparison with the YFull capability. Who knows? They may be using the same code.

    I'm not the Hg38 reference expert but I was told by FTDNA that with Hg38 "they'll be able to make more confident calls with the same data, meaning with fewer reads. "
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    Quote Originally Posted by FionnSneachta View Post
    It happened the way that I thought it might. Once it got to the 16th, they changed the test to delayed. It's now expected for the 30th October - 13th November.
    Don't feel lonely. Same situation and on past experience with FTDNA I am allowing for a couple more roll-overs.
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