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Thread: Question about Iberian Percentage

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    could be that your paper trail that you've been lead to believe is different from your true genetic trail....
    I think its more likely just more ancient origins dating back before 1500. Central Europe is fairly admixed, and most of my matches share a paper trail going back to the same regions.
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    It seems odd that France is categorized in the Europe West map. The average French person is scoring higher Iberian than Europe West. Portugal is actually part of the Iberian Peninsula, yet the average Portuguese person is only averaging 37% Iberian which is only slightly more than the average French person.

    I think the labels are misleading and the maps might need to be re categorized.
    Iberian should be labeled Basque. Ireland should be labeled Celtic since Portuguese, Spanish, and French are getting decent Ireland percentages. Europe West should be a small map around Belgium since it's probably Gaulish/Frankish or Celtic/Germanic since English and Europe West seem to be interchangeable.
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