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Thread: AncestryDNA results from across Europe

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    I don't think that it really reflects the average person from Connacht. I'd say that it's skewed due to people being mixed having this genetic community
    Many thanks for sharing the screenshot! I agree that regrettably it seems Ancestry has chosen to also include people of mixed origins in their aggregate ethnicity estimates. Would have been so much more informative if they had singled out people with 4 Irish-born grandparents. Given their access to people's familytrees this should be very easy for them i imagine. Oh well perhaps in a later addition...

    I happen to have been assigned to a brandnew genetic community myself just the other day, called "Portuguese Islanders". It is actually centered on Cape Verdeans so i do not really appreciate the labeling...However still good news i guess that Ancestry is expanding on this tool. Again many people of mixed background in this community, incl. both Azoreans, Madeirans and both white and black Americans. Right now the insights tab is not available yet. But good to know in advance that the aggregate ethnicity estimates showing up there eventually will not be representative of actual admixture among Cape Verdeans.

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