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Thread: A new ADMIXTURE test

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    Could you run my ftdna data through this calculator? If yes, what format would you need?

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    Sorry, but I'm not accepting FTDNA or AncestryDNA at the moment as there is not enough overlap with 23andMe for some of the tests I conduct. I'll make an announcement if that changes in the future. - A study of the population history of West & South Asia.

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    I will be incorporating about 1000 more samples into my admixture based tests and other tests that require 400K+ marker overlap with 23andMe as I just finished remapping some of my hg18 human reference based samples to hg19 human reference, which is a tricky affair that requires quite a bit of improvising. This includes many SC, S, W, E Asian and European samples.

    What this means for ADMIXTURE is the possibility of more components with a higher number of references. Also useful for IBD , admixture dating , f3s, f4s, and rare alleles tests

    Edit: and African samples. PCA indicates that the alignment to hg19 was successful. Outliers were removed. The only thing left is to fish for related samples for removal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurd View Post
    You would have to send your 23andMe file to
    I just did mine. Thank you!

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