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Forum Rules

This is a condensed version of the forum rules as explained in greater detail in the Terms of Service. Please consult that document for further information or clarification.

1.) Persons must be aged 13 or older to participate on the forum.

2.) Administrators should only be contacted with questions or complaints if an issue is beyond the scope of forum moderators to satisfactorily address, or if a situation is serious enough (e.g., threats, violation of privacy) to warrant administrator involvement. Minor infractions should be reported using the "Report Post" feature located at the end of each post. Suggestions should be made in the appropriate subforum.

3.) Disclosure of personal, private, or otherwise sensitive information is entirely at the discretion of the user. Please be responsible. The administration of Anthrogenica cannot be held liable for any abuse that may occur should potentially compromising information be voluntarily disclosed by the user.

4.) Anthrogenica aspires to be a bastion of free speech, though this principle will be implemented with a few reasonable exclusions. These exceptions include the following: copyright infringement, violation of member privacy, spam, incoherency, patently off-topic posts, harassment, and any illegal activity or incitement to commit such activity.

5.) Multiple accounts are not permitted. Currently banned users who post using a different user's account or re-register under a new account will be promptly expelled.

6.) Users who violate the rules posted here or in the Terms of Service will be punished with infractions. The posts containing the violation(s) will also be removed. The progression is as follows:

· 1st Infraction - Warning

· 2nd Infraction - One-week probationary period during which all posts must be approved by a moderator before publishing

· 3rd Infraction - One-month suspension

Any subsequent infractions will result in penalties as agreed upon by the administration on a case-by-case basis, up to and including permanent banishment of the user and any associated IP addresses. A suspension or temporary ban will result in a user losing all posting and viewing privileges for the lifetime of the ban.

7.) The scope of the articles detailed in these, the Forum Rules, is at the sole discretion of the administration and may be modified at any time.

Terms of Service


These Terms of Service (ToS) set the conditions by the administration for the provisional use of Anthrogenica by registering members. These ToS are liable to change at any time and are effective immediately. These changes will be conveyed publicly in the Announcements section by the administration and adherence thereafter is expected. The administration additionally reserves the right at all times to permanently or temporarily revoke the privilege of membership based on failure of adherence to any part of the ToS (Section 5.5). In addition, the applicability of these ToS to forum content is entirely at the administration’s discretion.

1. Administration Structure and Maintenance Policy

1.1 The administrators of Anthrogenica support the forum both technically and financially. Their role within the community extends into moderation duties as well as the above. Registered members are advised that administrators must only be contacted directly if the query can generally be deemed to be significant in nature or beyond the scope of the channels provided publicly on Anthrogenica (Section 2.5).

1.2 Moderators on Anthrogenica are appointed by the administration and are active indefinitely. If a moderator decides to step down from their post, a two week notice is required to provide the administration time to find a suitable replacement. Moderator responsibilities include basic forum maintenance and the delivery of infractions, including suspensions and bans. Furthermore, moderators have access to user IP addresses. However, moderators do not have any access to personal user data. Surname project moderators are regular members who run specific surname projects in the Genealogy section only. In turn, they have specific maintenance oversight for their sections alone. As such, they do not have jurisdiction over other forum areas and do not have full moderator functionality.

1.3 Forum administrators and moderators have access to anonymous accounts (AdminBot and ModBot respectively). These accounts are used at the discretion of staff to undertake forum maintenance.

1.4 If issues with inconsistency or failure to maintain any of these ToS by the moderation team arise, members are expected to directly contact an administrator only via private message.

2. Site Access

2.1 Children under the age of 13 years are denied access on Anthrogenica due to any adult material and/or language that may arise on the forum.

2.2 The Lounge and all of its derivative sub-forums are accessible to registered users only and not viewable for guests.

2.3 Anthrogenica is fully accessible to registered users. Guests are provided with a several minute browsing period before requiring to register. These allowances are inapplicable to members who have been banned. In the event of banned users returning under new aliases or through other member’s accounts, the administration will re-ban said users automatically and infractions will be administered to any complicit users.

2.4 Anthrogenica does not permit the use multiple accounts under any circumstances. Users found with more than one account will be given infractions by the administration as necessary.

2.5 If members experience problems accessing the forum or their account (e.g. registration issue), they should contact an administrator via Personal Message (PM) or email. Emails can be sent using the "Contact us" button at the bottom of each page on our server. Registered members must convey all other issues through the appropriate channels provided on Anthrogenica (the Forum Support section and appropriate moderators).

3. Site Content & User Participation

3.1 Anthrogenica ardently supports the reasonable exercise of freedom of speech. Forms of expression considered unreasonable are detailed in Sections 3.2-3.12 below. No censorship of an individual's ethnic, political, religious, sexual or ideological expression will therefore be taken by the administration/moderation provided the expression in question is not found to be in violation of the rules.

3.2 Anthrogenica strictly prohibits the private sharing or public distribution of copyrighted material, in accordance with local and international laws. Any such items will be removed from the forum immediately.

3.3 Execution of illegal activity against the forum or its members (e.g., cyber attacks, physical threats, blackmail, etc.), or incitement to commit such activity will not be tolerated.

3.4 Disclosure of a member's private information, compromising details, or the like without that member's express consent will result in immediate banning.

3.5 Anthrogenica caters to the discussion of personal genetic results from members who are customers/participants of unaffiliated projects/companies. Members who decide to post their personal results do so with the explicit understanding that they are contributing to the forum's content. The administration has facilitated the modification and/or removal of any member posts within a fixed time period (see Section 3.14) if desired. Beyond this period, the administration is not obliged to selectively remove personal genetic results from Anthrogenica under normal circumstances.

3.6 The primary language spoken on Anthrogenica is English. Posts written in languages other than English will be restricted to the appropriate dedicated subfora catering to those languages. The creation and organization of said language fora will be decided on an in-demand basis and at the discretion of the administration.

3.7 A reasonable degree of grammatical coherency and punctuation on public postings is mandatory.

3.8 Tangents from thread topics are an organic feature of discussion and are to be expected, but threads should remain reasonably on-topic. The administration/moderation may split, delete, merge, or create new threads without notice should a need for such maintenance arise.

3.9 Spamming is tantamount to forum vandalism and will not be tolerated.

3.10 Certain standards of quality-control will be enforced to ensure a productive forum atmosphere. Breaches in basic forum etiquette include but are not limited to cross-posting different threads, consecutive posting in existing threads, or reviving old threads whose course of discussion has long since expired ("necro-bumping"). If a user feels they may have made such a mistakes, they are expected to contact a moderator for assistance.

3.11 Invectives and posts devoid of substance (e.g. threads or replies consisting solely of inflammatory content or triviality) will be considered junk postings and deleted. Anthrogenica encourages its members to engage in debate with each other, but discussions that degenerate into little more than flaming and inanity will be considered spam (see Rule 3.9).

3.12 Anthrogenica is a forum for free and honest discussion. It is not a pulpit to proselytize or to promote certain viewpoints that would be better-suited to a personal blog. Such behaviour is prohibited. What constitutes the aforementioned, and whether infraction delivery is warranted, will be determined at the administration's discretion.

3.13 Users who disregard these aforementioned limitations to 3.1 will be found to be in violation of the Terms of Service and will be disciplined accordingly.

3.14 Posts made on Anthrogenica are editable by the post creator for 24 hours. Members who wish to edit or remove messages beyond this period must contact a moderator (see Section 3.8).

3.15 Animated GIFs regardless of form (icons, avatars, personal photos and signatures) are prohibited on Anthrogenica to keep the primary visual presentation of the site exclusively on written/thread content. This restriction does not apply to static images.

4. Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement

4.1 Anthrogenica only permits the posting of open-source/freely-accessible publications that have been properly attributed to their authors.

4.2 To avoid future disputes in ownership members of Anthrogenica are advised to personalise or sign off any original pieces they may create, including but not limited to text, diagrams, maps, pictures and charts. Otherwise, in the event of a dispute over ownership, Anthrogenica is not obligated to support the claim made by its' user-owners on unsigned materials.

4.3 Illegal file sharing is strictly prohibited on Anthrogenica and any illegally shared files will immediately be removed as per the conditions agreed by Anthrogenica's website host and our continued support for current online legislation(s).

5. Privacy Policy

5.1 Anthrogenica is committed to upholding the privacy of all of its members. Please do not give out any personal information such as phone number, postal address, zip code, last name, or anything you do not wish others to know. Users have complete control over what information they wish to share about themselves on their profiles. If a user chooses to ignore this Term, the administration of Anthrogenica cannot be held responsible for any possible consequences.

5.2 The administration of Anthrogenica assure their users that PM's will not be read under any normal circumstances except for the scenario outlined in Section 5.3 involving law enforcement.

5.3 Registration at Anthrogenica requires a username, password, email address and birth date to ensure you are at least 13 years of age. None of this information will be disclosed to any other individual in ordinary circumstances, with requests from law enforcement being the only citable exception. In such a case, any information about a user may be shared to protect Anthrogenica from liability in complying with potential legal processes, including but not limited to court orders, search warrants, subpoenas and other legal document requests.

5.4 Please note that with each page visited, your IP address is recorded, in the event that you need to be banned from the forum or your ISP is contacted. This will only happen in the event of a major violation of the ToS.

5.5 Anthrogenica does not collect personal data from its members. Nevertheless, anonymous forum-wide data may be collected on occasion. Such information might include cross-sectional data and will never be attributable to individual users (for example, user location data that is not associated with specific user IDs).

5.6 Anthrogenica may store cookies to personalize or enhance your user experience. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your hard disk by a web page server and is uniquely assigned to you. They cannot be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer and can only be read by a Web Server in the domain that issued it. Cookies provide a convenience by storing information regarding any personalizations you've made on Anthrogenica. They save your preferences (i.e. forum skin choice) as well as remembering your login information during sessions for quicker site access. Members have the ability to accept or decline cookies. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but members can usually modify their browser setting to decline cookies, which may disable some functionality on Anthrogenica.

6. Infraction Guidelines

6.1 For minor infractions and violations of the rules, please use the "Report Post" feature located at the end of each post. All moderators of that section will be notified automatically. More serious offenses (violation of privacy, threats etc.) can be communicated directly to the moderation team and administration via PM.

6.2 Posts or actions deemed to violate these ToS (Section 2.3-5, Section 3) and Forum Rules will be punished with infractions and removed. A user's first infraction is counted simply as a warning with no further disciplinary action. A second infraction will result in the user being subjected to a one-week probationary period during which all subsequent posts undergo moderation (preliminary viewing by Anthrogenica staff before publishing). A third infraction will result in a one month suspension of the user (Section 6.3). Any subsequent infractions will result in penalties as agreed upon by the administration on a case-by-case basis, up to and including permanent banishment of the user and any associated IP addresses (Section 6.4).

6.3 A suspension or temporary ban will result in a user losing all posting and viewing privileges for the lifetime of the ban. Users in this category cannot post new posts or threads, send messages, or view forum content until their ban has been lifted.

6.4 Permanently banned members cannot access the forum for any reason. The user's account will be disabled and all associated IP addresses will be blocked from accessing the website. Users in this category do not normally receive the opportunity to return to Anthrogenica, although individual cases may warrant exceptions.

6.5 Individual bans/suspensions are not for general discussion on the forum as they distract from the forum's intended focus. Any open threads or posts relating to these will be managed accordingly. Instead, if members of the community wish to learn about another member's ban/suspension, they must contact a member of the administration via PM directly to address their inquiries.

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